The academic instructions imparted at this School are designed to prepare stdents for the following examination:-

(a) All India Secondary School Examination(Class X) and All India Senior School Certificate Examination(Class XII)conducted by the central Board of Secondary Education,New Delhi under 10+2 Pattern of education.

(b) Union Public Service Commission Examination for admission to the National Defence Academy and other Defence Academies.


A liberal system of merlt-cum-means scholarships ensures that lack of affluent parentage does not hamper children from economically weaker secions of the society. Adequate representation and relaxed standards are in place for SC and ST in consonance with Central Govt policy.

All scholarship holders are obliged to take the NDA entrance Examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission during +2 stage after passing Class XI.


NCC training is compulsory for all students in Sainik Schools irrespective of their age. Sainik School Ambikapur has been authorized an independent NCC(JD) Company of troops(250 cadets).The cadets are armed with 'A'/'B'/'C' certificates by the integral part of their training.


A part fro the academic apects, the boys are subjected to the obligations of community living in the school. They are requiredto conform to code of conduct and decent behavior on which good citizenship is founded. Good manners and descipline are the integral part of their training.


Physical fitness and overall development of the boys is one of the main concerns of the school. Regular PT, Games and sports are held throughout the stay of the cadets in the school. Facilities for Games and sports such as Table-Tennis,Yoga,Cricket, Hockey, Football,Volleyball, Backetball,Badminton, Athletics etc are available in the School. Hobby Clubs for Dramatics, Music, Trekking & Hiking , Photography, Arts & Craft, Gardening and Nature Watching are provided for developments of faculties. Cadets are also taken to Adventure camps, where activities like Surfing, Kayaking, Swimming. Rock Climbing, Trekking, para sailing etc are Undertaken.

Friday Clubs :Various clubs like nature & gardening Club, Phography Club, Music and Dramatics Club, Literary Club, Science/Mathematics Club, Art & Craft club etc help the cadets descover in them latent potentials for alternative education andhone their skills in these spheres.

Co-curricular activities Enrichment of social and cltural habits ultimately shapes a balanced personality in an individual when switching over fromadolescence to adulthood. The hobby clubs ofthe school help to develop the creativeness and skills of the cadets. Emphasis is based on 'learning by doing' and development of correct aptitude and attitude.